10 Reasons Simon Cowell Will Make a Great Dad

February 26, 2014

Simon Cowell has carved out a reputation for himself as TV’s ‘Mr. Nasty’ by destroying the hopes and dreams of hundreds of aspiring singers. The intimidating music mogul is well-known for his sarcastic barbs that have left reality show contestants in floods of tears.

However, Simon has been showing a completely different side to his personality recently, and the birth of his first child seems to have melted the millionaire’s heart. The following lists counts down ten reasons why Simon Cowell will make a wonderful father to baby Eric.

1. He’s Honest


Simon Cowell has been called many different things over the years, but no one can deny that the talent scout is painfully honest. His catchphrase “I don’t mean to be rude, but…” was usually followed by a scathing remark that criticized a contestant’s performance, clothes or even their personal appearance.

He has also given a number of candid interviews over the years and rarely holds back when asked for his opinion. Baby Eric has a wonderful role model that will guide him on the importance of being honest and telling the truth no matter how many feelings get hurt along the way.

2. He Has Plenty of Friends


Simon’s fame and fortune gives him the power to make pretty much anything happen if he really desires it. Baby Eric’s birthday parties will most likely become the hottest ticket in town with performances from the biggest artists of the moment and a star-studded guest list.

Simon is well-known to enjoy the finer things in life and spares no expense when it comes to organizing a celebration. Simon splashed out £1 million on his 50th birthday party that was organized by his close friend Sir Philip Green. Guests at the bash included Kate Moss, Cheryl Cole, Sir Alan Sugar and Naomi Campbell.

3. He’s Well-Travelled


Simon Cowell has enjoyed success in both the UK and the US. After his first TV show entitled Pop Idol began to rise in popularity, America soon smelled a winning formula and hired him to develop American Idol. As Simon was largely responsible for the UK show’s phenomenal success, he appeared as a judge on the American version making him a household name practically overnight.

Like the UK, America was captivated by Simon’s seemingly bored indifference to the contestants and began to eagerly anticipate his scathing remarks regarding their performance. As well as dishing out insults, Simon is also quick to lavish praise on those who manage to impress him.

4. He’s Had Practice


When asked about what kind of father he will be to baby Eric, Simon replied “Oh God where do I begin? I don’t think I would have been a great dad at the age of twenty. ” The X-Factor creator is now 54 and claims that he is more than ready to take on the pressures of parenthood.

Simon went on the say that “I have [my dogs] Squiddly and Diddly and I’ve trained them.” Despite having enough cash to hire a small army of nannies to help raise his son, Simon will soon find out that children are slightly more challenging than a pair of pooches.

5. He’s Loaded


Can you say trust fund? Simon Cowell is estimated to have a personal fortune of almost £200 million and is the sixth richest person in the UK music industry. Although money does not buy happiness, it can certainly make misery a lot more comfortable.

Simon is a self-confessed workaholic. He and his girlfriend Lauren Silverman were recently spotted at the courthouse applying for little Eric’s passport even though he is just five days old. This is a good sign that Simon plans to fly his son around the world with him to spend as much time as possible with the new arrival despite a heavy work schedule.

6. He Can Hand Out Punishment


Wealthy children have a reputation for being wild, unruly and indulging in too much too young. The children of celebrities in particular are well-known for succumbing to the pitfalls of growing up in the public eye including struggles with alcohol, drugs and depression.

However, Simon’s super-strict, no-nonsense attitude will quickly put an end to any bad behavior from his son. Simon has also had to deal with the pressures of fame himself, so will be able to guide Eric through the weird and wonderful world of celebrity life. Simon is a master of the stern look and can reduce grown men to nervous wrecks without uttering a single word.

7. He Already Dresses the Part


As well as his acid-tongue, Simon is also known for his fashion failures. Despite having millions in the bank, Simon seems determined to rock the same pair of ‘dad jeans’ throughout his entire career. Rather than waste time shopping for different items of clothing, the media mogul is said to buy his white t-shirts and dress shirts by the dozen and then bin them after wearing them only a few times.

During an interview Simon admitted to buying five of everything whenever he goes clothes shopping. Thankfully, the high waistbands that first made him a style icon for dads everywhere have disappeared.

8. He is an Excellent Mentor


Under Simon’s excellent guidance, several aspiring singers have gone on to become world famous artists. Singer Leona Lewis first caught Simon’s eye in 2006 during auditions for the X-Factor. The British songstress went on to win the competition and has enjoyed an extremely successful career.

Leona’s debut album Spirit shot to number one in both the UK and the US. She has also won two MOBO awards, an MTV Europe Music award and six Brit awards. One Direction have become one of the most successful reality show bands in history and are estimated to be worth around £30 million.

9. He is a Self-Made Millionaire


Simon comes from a working-class background and managed to claw his way to the top through hard work and a knack for business. Although he never had to struggle growing up, his parents had nowhere near the level of wealth that Simon now has.

Simon’s Dad, an executive at EMI records, managed to get his son a job in the mailroom of the same company. Simon quickly climbed the corporate ladder but eventually left the company to start his own record label. After the project folded, Simon went to work for Fanfare records where he began his long journey to the very top of the UK pop scene.

10. He Has an Eye For Talent


Simon Cowell has built his media empire through his ability to spot a potential star and turn them into a worldwide success. Even before he began appearing as a reality show judge, Simon plucked many singers from obscurity and groomed them to become platinum selling artists practically overnight.

His company Syco Entertainment is responsible for some of the most successful TV shows ever produced including Britain’s Got Talent, America’s Got Talent, The X Factor and The Xtra Factor. The company has also produced a number of successful documentaries including I Dreamed a Dream: The Susan Boyle Story and One Direction: This is Us.