20 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About Daniel Radcliffe


2. He Almost Didn’t Audition for Harry Potter!

It is hard to think of what the “Harry Potter” films might have been like if Daniel Radcliffe didn’t audition for them.

After seeing him in all of them, it is a difficult idea to wrap your head around. Yet Daniel’s parents were originally hesitant to let him audition for the movies.

Even though both of his parents are involved in the entertainment industry (his father is a literary agent and his mother is a casting agent), they were worried that such a large role would interfere with their son’s childhood.

They wanted Daniel to have as normal a childhood as possible. They were hesitant to let him audition even when director Chris Columbus specifically requested that he come perform.

Fortunately, Radcliffe’s parents eventually gave in and let him go. And, as we all know, the audition went very well. Daniel won the role with both Chris Columbus and J.K. Rowling endorsing the choice. But the fight for Daniel to star as Harry Potter was far from over.

Even after he won the role, his family was unsure of how to proceed. They were told he would have to shoot six of the films in Los Angeles. They were worried this would affect their son’s education. Eventually, Warner Bros. offered him a two-movie contract with shooting in the United Kingdom only. His parents relented and Daniel became “the boy who lived.”

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