22 Best Personality Celebrities

Sacha Baron Cohen

2. Sacha Baron Cohen

If you have ever caught an interview with Sacha Baron Cohen, then you already know what a great personality he has.

His warm way of interacting with others makes fans and interviewers alike feel like close pals.

This attitude is part of what makes his interviews seem so casual while remaining informative and entertaining.

Cohen is most famous for his role in the movie “Borat.” His personal brand of comedy is what made the film so successful. But he brought the comedy off the stage as well.

His coworkers have commented on how much they loved working with him. His sense of humor and entertaining antics made for countless interesting moments on and off the set. In fact, Cohen is something of a personal jokester, playing non-hurtful practical jokes on practically anyone that crosses his path.

Because he was raised in a Jewish household, Cohen has dedicated a good deal of time to helping out those in the Jewish community. He spent a year volunteering at the Kibbutz Rosh HaNikra in Israel. He is also involved with several programs for Jewish youth movement leaders. Simply put, Sacha Baron Cohen is as nice a celebrity as any around.

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