Angie’s Ex Girlfriend Got Married

September 9, 2014


Just days after her ex lover Angelina Jolie got married to Brad Pitt in France, actress Jenny Shimizu also wed her long-term partner, Michelle Harper.

The 47-year-old Jenny was oozing with joy and excitement after marrying the trendy socialite/brand consultant in New York. Shimizu, who is also a model, shared the happy news with the world by posting an Instagram picture, which shows her kissing her new wife during their city hall wedding, over the counter.

Jenny wore a masculine, chic, fitted black suit while Michelle wore a vintage ivory Rochas gown by Oliver Theyskens that had a long, flowy train.

Shimizu referenced New York Fashion Week, which is currently the place to be, in her caption: “THE SHOW THAT REALLY MATTERS- WINDOW 15. i sat front row!! #meandmine #porvida #cityhall #rochasTheyskens.”

Photos of the Japanese-American star’s wedding day were released on Wednesday.

They also show her wearing a waistcoat, and accessorizing the outfit with some cool shades. The actress is pictured walking behind her soon-to-be wife.

In the pictures, Michelle is holding up her gown as she walks through the city. Michelle completed her look with a bright shade of red lipstick, which complimented her skin tone perfectly.

Shimizu spoke of the moment she met her future wife during an recent interview: “I didn’t believe it myself until I saw it. It’s like so many things about her. There are these misconceptions and generalizations that don’t fit this person who is full of spirit and down-to-earthiness.”

Actress and Jenny’s ex girlfriend, Angelina Jolie, once said that she would probably have married Jenny if she hadn’t instead wed first husband Jonny Lee Miller: “I fell in love with her the first second I saw her. I would probably have married Jenny if I hadn’t married my husband.” Jenny and Angie began their relationship after they met on the set of “Foxfire,” in which they both starred. Shimizu also claimed in the past to have had an affair with Madonna.

Shimizu and Harper announced their engagement quite recently, and they posed together for a bridal photo shoot in June which appeared in Vogue.