Daniele Watts Mistreated By The LAPD

September 15, 2014

Daniele Watts, an actress who has starred in huge Hollywood films such as “Django Unchained,” claimed that she was “handcuffed and detained” by Los Angeles police officers after being mistaken for a prostitute!

Two police officers approached Watts and her husband Brian James Lucas when they were seen showing affection in public. Both Watts and Lucas shared their horrid experience on social media.

Watts claims she refused to produce her photo ID when asked by police, and was then handcuffed and held in a police car as the officers tried to figure out who she was.

She got her wrist cut in the process, as she was handled roughly by the LAPD officers. The actress also posted pictures on social media, in which she is handcuffed and crying. She was released shortly afterwards.

“As I was sitting in the back of the police car, I remembered the countless times my father came home frustrated or humiliated by the cops when he had done nothing wrong. I felt his shame, his anger, and my own feelings of frustration for existing in a world where I have allowed myself to believe that “authority figures” could control my BEING… my ability to BE!!!!!!! Those cops could not stop me from expressing myself. They could not stop the cathartic tears and rage from flowing out of me. They could not force me to feel bad about myself. Yes, they had control over my physical body, but not my emotions,” she wrote in her post.

Her husband, a chef, supported her account of the events in a social media posting of his own.

Apparently, while Watts was on her phone with her father, Brian got questioned by one of the police officers and from those questions he figured out that someone called LAPD and reported them because of their looks.

“I could tell that whoever called on us (including the officers), saw a tatted RAWKer white boy and a hot bootie shorted black girl and thought we were a prostitute and client.” He then proceeds to explain the occurrences of the mistreating, including Daniele being pushed into the car and getting injured from rough handcuffing.

An LAPD public information officer said there was no record of the incident because the actress wasn’t arrested or brought into the station for questioning.