Harry Styles Seen With A Silver-Haired Babe

June 25, 2014


Harry Styles, one fifth of One Direction hotness, was seen on the night of June 24th with a beautiful girl with a head of beautiful hair!

The young singer was viewed in the passenger seat of his silver-haired chick in front if the Chiltern Firehouse in London. And although the rumors went on and on, girls of all ages cried for hours and hours… Apparently, without any reason, because the sassy British Daenerys Targaryen look-alike is his hairdresser, Ms. Lou Teasdale. Breathe, girls, breathe!

The two are practically besties; Harry even supported her at her book launch a few months back, so it makes sense that they hang out together at London’s hot spot.

The Chiltern Firehouse is, by the way, Lindsay Lohan’s home away from home. But then again, what club isn’t?