Her Majesty The Queen – 88 Years Of Royal Style

April 23, 2014


Whenever Queen Elizabeth II ventures into the public eye, photographers eagerly snap picture after picture of her Royal Highness because everyone wants to know what she is wearing.

Is she wearing her trademark attire featuring monochromatic hues and emblematic hat? Does her coat color match her hat?

Or has one of her exclusive designers created something totally unique that will quickly be copied by non-royal designers?

The glamorous and oh-so-young Princess

As a 20-something princess in the 1940s, and a freshly crowned queen in the 1950s, Queen Elizabeth II preferred to wear full-skirted evening gowns made of crisp silk that clung to her waspishly thin waist and elegantly accentuated her youthfulness.

One of her designers was once asked about what inspired him to create clothes for the Queen in her early years on the throne.

His reply? “It is the Queen who dresses herself. I am not in charge of dressing the Queen. I simply provide her with the clothes she wants.” Well!

She just wants to forget what she is wearing

During the 1980s, Karl-Ludwig Rehse began designing Queen Elizabeth II’s wardrobe using flowing chiffon materials to create dresses and cotton blends for her “uniforms”.

According to Rehse, the Queen wanted comfortable clothes she could put on and forget she was wearing them.

Rehse also says that her desire for “wash-and-wear” clothing was sometimes difficult to accommodate because he had to account for different climates and country traditions. So stressful being a clothes designer for the Queen!

Queenly iconic styles

Today, the world expects Queen Elizabeth II to wear bright colors, one-of-a-kind hats, pearl accessories and matching handbag when seen in public.

At important events, she seems to always choose cream or white colored outfits embellished with tasteful jewelry pieces and an occasional corsage.

Did you know?

Queen Elizabeth II never wears a new pair of shoes until they have been “broken in” by an official shoe wearer. Must be nice to never experience the pinching and tightness of a brand new pair of shoes!