Iggy Azalea Suing Ex-Boyfriend For Trying To Take Advantage Of Her Success

September 18, 2014


Iggy Azalea is suing her ex-boyfriend, Hefe Wine, who is claiming that he has a sex tape with the rapper. Iggy is accusing him of illegally downloading the entire contents of her personal computer while they were living together in Atlanta, Georgia in 2009.

The “Fancy” rapper made no mention of the alleged sex tape in court documents, but she says the data included unreleased master recordings. She also claims that Wine is trying to take advantage of her success and of directly using or converting the data to create a new EP, which he announced in July will “shock the world.”

The Australian rapper insists that Wine forged her signature on a legal document, which grants him exclusive rights to her music and music videos. She claims the contract was pasted together from a legit document she once signed.

Wine recently claimed Iggy indirectly gave him permission to release and market their alleged sex tape, by signing the contract and giving him the exclusive rights to “manufacture, sell, distribute and advertise” any recording with visual images.

This is where it gets confusing. Iggy claims that there is no recording of their private endeavors, but she is suing Hefe for having one?

The blonde hitmaker insisted on Twitter that the tape doesn’t even exist, saying: “Obviously I’ve seen the news feed today and I just want to say I don’t have a sex tape. We should want to protect our women and I really hope that America will follow Europe and their laws to better protect people’s privacy and fundamental rights. And on that note, I’m off to get a manicure peaaaaaaceeeeeee outttttt *drops the mic*”

Hefe opened up about his relationship with Iggy for the first time quite recently, expressing the love he had during their two year romance.

He insisted that he only ever wanted her to succeed “If you love somebody you want what’s best for them and you want them to achieve their goals and dreams. I wanted it for her just as bad because I knew she would shock the world. I am extremely proud of what Iggy has accomplished. She is doing exactly what I thought she would and what I told her she would do. It’s a blessing to us both to see my hard work and somebody I love come on top. It’s a beautiful thing.”

Iggy Azalea, whose real name is Amethyst Amelia Kelly, is currently in a relationship with NBA player Nick Young.