Joan Rivers’s Biopsy Doctor Took A Selfie With Her While She Was Under Anesthesia!

September 17, 2014

A report has been claimed that the late Joan Rivers’s personal doctor took a selfie while the comedian was under anesthesia and the physician was set to perform an unauthorized biopsy!

Allegedly, the incident occurred shortly before Joan underwent a procedure on her vocal chords. That procedure led to the 81-year-old comedian suffering a cardiac arrest.

According to the repots, investigators have been informed of the incident by a member of staff at the clinic.

The staff member also claims that gastroenterologist Dr. Lawrence Cohen finished his work on the legend shortly before her unidentified personal physician performed the biopsy. However, just before performing the procedure, it is claimed that the physician took out his camera to take a picture of him alongside unconscious Joan!

During the subsequent biopsy, Joan suddenly went into cardiac arrest. The investigators believe that her vocal chords began to swell, thereby cutting off oxygen to her lungs.

Earlier this week, a voice recording emerged of Rivers complaining of trouble with her vocal chords:

“I told you I didn’t feel good. My voice has been bothering me. I don’t know what it is…I’m tired already.” The star also said that she felt horrible “That’s it – I don’t feel good.”

It is also said that Dr. Lawrence Cohen, the clinic’s medical director, had stepped down from his position, although no one directly blamed him for her death.

The clinic previously denied reports claiming they administered a general anaesthetic and conducted a vocal cord biopsy on the late star.

According to the source, the alleged procedure should not be performed outside of a hospital.

After failing to determine how she died in a preliminary autopsy, the State Health Department and the New York City Medical Examiner’s Office are still investigating the cause of Joan’s death.