Kelly Osbourne Joins The Hollywood Vitamin Drip Craze

June 26, 2014

Kelly Osbourne

The list of celebrities who are sharing pics with needles in their arm is getting longer by the minute. Don’t worry, it’s not drugs, it’s vitamins!

The newest Hollywood craze is all about not getting sick and preventing running noses. The latest health-boosting celebrity is none other than Kelly Osbourne.

Being a major name in the fashion world, a celeb daughter and a musician can get quite hard, with all the traveling, working and partying that are going on.

The immune system weakens so to prevent sickness Kelly followed the lead or Cara Delevigne and Rihanna and got some vitamins dripped in her.

The treatment takes about 15-20 minutes and it feels quite good. It’s good as a sickness preventing method and a quick fix when you’re already sick.

Ousburne tweeted a picture of in the hospital bed with a caption: “Getting a #vitaminPush from my favourite nurse @maryquan I feel so Hollywood right now I can’t stop laughing!

What can I say I have to stay healthy and this really does work. I can’t afford to get sick right now! #GIrlOnTheGo.”

The healthy way is the right way, you go girl!