Kylie Opens Up About Michael Hutchence

July 11, 2014

Kylie Minogue

In an upcoming “60 Minutes” interview, pop superstar veteran Kylie Minogue spoke about her romance with late INXS singer, Michael Hutchence.

Not only did she spoke about him, but she got very emotional and even cried.

The 46 year old and the late singer started dating in 1989 and were in a relationship for two years.

He ended the relationship over the phone, when he met supermodel Helena Christensen.

Minogue and Hutchence remained friends until his death, in spite of that.

In the promo for the interview Kylie can be seen saying: “It’s a mixture of emotions and memories. I’d never met anyone like that. It was great love, and it was true heartbreak. I had so many firsts with him. A guy with that much charisma, it doesn’t just switch off, you don’t just forget about that person,” she previously told

“I don’t know what it was like for the other women in his life, but my love for him remains.”

Michael Hutchence died in November 1997.