Love Him Or Loathe Him – James Blunt, The Musical Enigma

April 24, 2014


No matter what style of music you prefer, chances are you know who James Hillier Blount is. Known better as James Blunt, this musician has catapulted himself to stardom since the release of his first album in 2004. The artist has sold 20 million albums since then, along with a host of accolades ranging from the Brit Awards to the Grammy nominations.

More recently, you might have been a witness to Blunt’s rather blunt approach to life. But, no matter what you think of Blunt, you cannot deny he’s got style.

Tweet revenge

When it comes to social media, no one is safe. The rich and famous in particular are ripe for criticism. Unlike many celebrities who would not rise to the hecklers, Blunt always has time for a one-liner.

The singer has been known to re-tweet insults against him with witty retorts. For example, one commenter said that Blunt “just has an annoying face and a highly irritating voice.”

Blunt replied, “And no mortgage.” When another heckler asked why he always sings “like his willy is being stood on,” Blunt answered, “Damn thing’s always getting caught under my feet.”

The most hated man in pop

Blunt’s smart rejoinder is part of a larger attempt to repair his image. Blunt is known for saying exactly what he thinks. But, a lot of regular people find his affect smarmy instead of cool and confident. When Radio 1 Chart Show host Jameela Jamil introduced his single, “Bonfire Heart,” she noted that Blunt seems to be “the most hated man in pop.”

Meantime, there seems to be no shortage of criticism for Blunt’s style and attitude. Most seem drawn to his voice, which one critic said was like nails on a chalkboard.

Say what?


Blunt has led a fairly charmed life pretty much from the beginning. He lived in England, Cyprus and Germany on account of his dad’s position as colonel in the British Army Air Corps.

Initially interested in flying, Blunt studied aerospace manufacturing engineering at the University of Bristol. But, he later moved to sociology, obtaining a BSc there in 1996.

Blunt claims that he is not ashamed of his upper-class roots. He does not make an effort to hide his posh accent.

Unlike Blur and Gorillaz frontman Damon Albarn, who Blunt said has “an orchard full of plums in his mouth and a silver spoon stuck” in a very uncomfortable place, indeed. Musicians are known for their attitude, and James Blunt was given an additional serving. The artist retains his popularity through his music, but also through his sardonic image.