OITNB’s Taylor Schilling Wasn’t The First Choice For The Role

August 6, 2014


The hit TV show’s Orange Is The New Black creator Jenji Kohan revealed in a recent interview that her first choice for the role of bisexual drug smuggler Piper Chapman wasn’t Taylor Schilling at all! How can this be?

Kohan revealed that none other than Katie Holmes was her first pick! Katie Holmes? Really? Joey Potter from Dawson’s Creek was your first choice Jenji? How awkward.

Although Holmes has proven herself as a talented actress, it still pretty hard to imagine her tiny little body in orange, being all tough while having the voice of a adolescent mouse.

Anyway, Tom Cruise’s ex-wife did not take the leading role, and Kohan reveals that it’s because she had other things to do and that in the beginning, no one knew what this series was. It seems that Kohan also realized that she would be really awkward in the leading role of the hit show.

By pure coincidence, the famous actress attended The Giver premiere last week where she actually revealed that Orange Is The New Black is one of her new favorite shows!

Taylor Schilling, the leading lady behind the show, has nothing but love for the famous actress and she even said who Holmes would play, is given the opportunity to be a guest star on the show: “I’m a big fan of Katie Holmes. She could be friends with Lorna or like Lorna’s Boston sister.”

Now, that sound like a great plot!