Prince George’s Weird Gifts Over The Past Year

July 23, 2014


Prince George’s first birthday was on July 22nd and the world rejoiced. Not only is he royal, he is also very cute and quite dapper for a one-year-old. The gifts came from all over the world, some typical and expected and some exotic, unusual and quite weird. But the unusualness was not reserved only to his birthday; over the past first year of his life, Prince George of Cambridge scooped up a strange bunch of gifts.

Australia’s Northern Territory gifted him a baby crocodile, aptly named George, who was hatched on the day that his conception was announced.

Although the prince will not be allowed to hang around with his buddy that shares his name, he will be able to keep in touch with him via his Facebook page.

George the Royal Crocodile isn’t the only living, breathing thing that now has a connection to the cutest royal baby ever.

Kenya’s tribal elders gave the Prince a goat, a fatted bull and four heifers that will all be used to start a royal herd in his honor. Also, the Dudley and West Midlands Zoological Society adopted three slender-tailed meerkats, all promptly named after the Prince’s full name: George, Alexander and Luis.

Count Tibor Kálnoky, Prince Charles’ friend, gave the baby Prince a field of flowers because “If we sent flowers, they would wilt.” Well, he has a point. The Pope once gave George an ornamental orb made of lapis lazuli, with a silver cross on top. The Pope himself. You got a fancy, hip crowd there, lil’ chap.

And let’s not forget that George has his own currency in honor of his birthday (a five- pound limited edition coin), a surfboard from the mayor of Australia’s Manly beach and a tiny bomber jacket from the people at Stevenson Campus Air Hangar in Canada, among many other things.