Right In The Childhood: Blu Cantrell Under Psychological Evaluation

September 4, 2014


If you grew up in the ‘90s and ‘00s you probably know the name Blu Cantrell all too well. The 38-year-old singer, whose real name is Tiffany Cobb, is having some difficulties in her life.

A few nights ago, Blu was arrested and placed on an involuntary hold after a bizarre incident. Sources reveal that she was running through the streets, “ranting” about people wanting to kill her and claiming that she was poisoned!

According to the witnesses, Cantrell was behaving rather odd (to say at least) in a Santa Monica neighborhood around 2am on Wednesday. She was screaming about someone giving her “poisonous gas.” After getting fed up with the whole charade, someone called the police.

When cops arrived on the scene, the singer tried to play the “don’t you know who I am?” card and talk her way out of the handcuffs.

The policemen, however, did not know who she was because and they were still going to take her in, when she thought she’d give it another try, by describing herself as a “one-hit wonder” singer.

Law enforcement officers then took the “Breathe” singer to a nearby hospital, where she was checked out by doctors. Allegedly, Cantrell is on an involuntary hold in Section 5150, which is meant to establish whether a person poses a danger to himself or others. If Cantrell passes she will be let out of custody.

Cantrell’s publicist gave no comment on the situation.

Blu has been out of the spotlight since 2007-2008, when she tried a comeback in reality television. Unfortunately, the plan backfired and she slipped back into obscurity. Time will tell is this is just another lame attempt at fame or is she really not well.