Sherri Shepherd’s Surrogate Drama

July 22, 2014

The famous American comedian, actress and TV personality Sherri Shepherd has found herself in one sticky situation.

Not only is she getting a divorce but her soon-to-be ex husband Lamar Sally is reportedly filing a legal document to keep Sherri from backing out of the surrogate contract!

The pair was expecting a child via surrogacy when Lamar filed for divorce, and now Sherri won’t have anything to do with the baby because she believes Lamar wanted to separate before they decided to have a child.

Lamar filed for divorce from Shepherd in May, but it looks like this situation won’t get any closure any time soon. Shepherd wants to void the surrogate on grounds of fraud, it is speculated, so she won’t be put in a position of having to pay Lamar for child support.

Lamar is not only asking for full custody of the baby, he is also threatening to sue if his ex wife doesn’t come to terms with their unborn child.

It is also rumored that he will try to “guilt her” into not backing out by calling her out on her hypocrisy by bringing her Christian faith into the whole thing and by harassing her on the grounds of child abandonment. Ouch. That child is to be born this month.

Sherri, the 47 year old “The View” host scoffed at Lamar calling her a hypocrite and said that anyone who knows her knows that her ex husband is “full of it.” She didn’t want to comment on his name calling, but when he brought up her Christian values, she” just had to get involved.”

Shepherd is in another custody war at the moment, with her first ex-husband Jeff Tarpley over their nine-year-old son. Tarpley wants full custody over him.

Shepherd was the co-host of “The View” for 7 years, until being fired from the show in June, along with fellow co-host Jenny McCarthy. Rosie O’Donnell is said to be returning to the show, and Whoopi Goldberg is not budging a muscle.

The comedian received a lot of criticism in the past, mostly for her statements on “The View.” Along the years, she said that she “didn’t believe in evolution, period,” “that she couldn’t think about the earth being round while trying to feed her child” and that “no one came before Jesus.” She garnered ridicule after referring to Gospel singer Shirley Caesar as “the black Patti LaBelle.” Patti, much like Shirley, is black.