Surprise, Surprise: Bieber Has To Attend Anger Management

July 10, 2014

Justin Bieber

As a caveat of his plea bargain, the young pop sensation Justin Bieber has to attend anger management classes. We really don’t regret saying this but – no surprise there!

The dream boy of millions of teenage girls around the world is totally gone bonkers.

To remind you, Justin Bieber committed a vicious egg attack on his neighbor’s house, and was charged with misdemeanor vandalism. Serves him right.

He has to attend at least one class a week, for 12 weeks. Also, he has to pay his neighbor $80,900 as a part of the deal.

His neighbor actually estimated the damage to be around $20K, but the judge multiplied that by 4 claiming that it was a dream house and that a lot of work had to be done. Bieber pled no contest to the charges.

He is placed on 2 years of probation and has to perform 5 days of labor. Is it just us or do stars really have it THAT easy when it comes to law?

Also, the pop star has to keep 100 yards distance from his neighbor and his family. Well, ex-neighbor. Who in their right mind could live next to Bieber, anyway?