Ten Amazing Things Robert Pattinson Has Done for Charity

January 16, 2014

1.Recycled Cello


He Bought a Recycled Cello at a Charity Auction At the GO Gala charity auction Rob bid $5,600 for the instrument that was made entirely out of recycled materials. He also offered himself as a prize for a previous gala where one lucky fan paid $85,000 to visit him on the set of Twilight.

2. Visiting Children’s Hospital

He Surprised Patients at a Children’s Hospital The Los Angeles Children’s hospital was delighted to get an impromptu visit from Rob when he showed up and got stuck into some arts and crafts with the young residents.

3. First Responder

He Became a Member of the International Medical Corps Rob is a certified First Responder along with a select group of celebrities headed by Global Ambassador Sienna Miller. The group provide education and training to those living in communities that are prone to natural disasters.

4. Cancer Bites Campaign


He Promoted a Charity During an Award Acceptance Speech At the Teen Choice Awards, Rob took a moment to highlight the amazing work being done by the Cancer Bites campaign.

5. He Lent a Hand

He Lent a Hand to a Charity That Fights Child Sex Trafficking Rob donated a drawing of his hand print to UK charity ECPAT for their Stop Sex Trafficking of Children and Young People campaign.

6. Hope For Haiti

He Co-Hosted the Hope for Haiti Telethon When a huge earthquake devastated the island of Haiti, Rob came forward and lent his services to the telethon that raised over $61 million for the survivors.

7. Two Kisses


He Auctioned Off Two Kisses to Raise Money for Aids Research At the amfAR Cinema Against Aids benefit, two ladies became the envy of women everywhere after paying 20,000 Euros each for a brief kiss with the English heartthrob.

8.Baseball Home Plate

He Donated an Original Sketch To a Homeless Charity Rob raised $6,400 for Ozanam Manor, an Arizona based homeless charity, by donating a baseball home plate that he had designed himself.

9. Signed a Guitar

He Signed a Guitar That Was Donated to Charity Whilst shopping for guitars in California, Rob was asked by the store owner to sign one of the instruments so it could be auctioned off for a good cause. The talented actor obliged, and the guitar was sold on eBay to raise money for a homeless charity called The Midnight Mission.

10. Private Screening of the Twilight Saga

He Donated a Private Screening of the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn One delighted fan received a private screening and a gift bag filled with posters, DVDs and a replica of Bella’s engagement ring. The opportunity was organised by the Go Campaign which raises money for education in Cambodia.