Ten Celebrities That Love Fans The Most

January 8, 2014

1. Jude Law

'Anna Karenina' Premiere - TIFF 2012

Jude Law has really been through the wringer; however, just as usual he has seemed to come out on top with a huge year ahead of him.

2. One Direction

One Direction, This Is Us Premiere

One Direction is a boy band that is absolutely blowing up the world reviews for new and popular music.

There is rarely a media source that does not have a headline that references One Direction; even in the face of a three-month break they are still making popular news.

3. Victoria Beckham


Victoria Beckham is often criticized for not ever smiling; however, she still has a rather large fan base.

People that follow her story know that she was bullied for her teeth as a child and this could have impacted her desire to smile in public.

4. Kate Winslet

in the Press Room at the 81st Annual Academy Awards. Kodak Theatre, Hollywood, CA. 02-22-09

Kate Winslet is one of the most endearing celebrities of all time. She is stunningly gorgeous and intelligent to boot. She has been involved with some of the most iconic filmography of the last twenty years.

5. Kate Moss

British Fashion Awards

Kate Moss is a one of a kind supermodel that really is able to keep her fans hanging on. She has been a bad girl; she had been a charitable woman; and she has been everything in between.

Fans love to hold on to see what wild event or activity she is going to be a part of next.

6. Harry Styles

Fashion East Show at London Fashion Week

Harry Styles is one of the most particularly compelling members of the band One Direction. He has been rumored to be dating one of the Kardashian sisters; it is yet to be confirmed. However if he is in a relationship it will break fan’s hearts.

7. Adele

Grammy Awards 2012 - PRESS ROOM

Fans love to cheer for Adele when she is singing a heart pounding power song, and they also love to cry with her when she is sad.

She is truly one of the most beloved celebrities of the last 5 years.

8. Prince William

Duchess of Cambridge & Prince William Lookalikes

Prince William is royalty and he is also a pop culture celebrity. In the midst of all of his duties, he is also able to maintain a level of love and engagement with his young family.

A feat that many people are not able to accomplish. He appears kind and loving and seems to really enjoy his time with Kate Middleton and the baby.

9. Kelly Osbourne

TNT/TBS Broadcasts The 19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards

Kelly Osbourne was not always a fan favorite.

However, it is probably because of the fact that she was heavily in the public eye during some of the most challenging years of her life that she was able to make it out on top and be able to take care of her fans the way that she does.

10. Simon Cowell

Premiere Of Fox's "The X Factor" Season 2

Simon Cowell is slowly turning in to the celebrity that fans can really enjoy listening to. In his early years on American Idol and the X Factor, fans would “boo” his every word.

However, with his baby on the way and a serious relationship, it seems as though he is starting to mellow out quite a bit compared to his older days.