18 Facts About Damian Lewis And His Departure From “Homeland”


Damian Lewis stunned viewers with his dramatic exit from “Homeland” earlier this year. Here’s what you need to know about that decision and the key facts about the man behind the iconic role of Nicholas Brody.

1. Brody slowly phased out

Although Damian Lewis has been viewed as one of the two leading actors on “Homeland”, it turns out that he was always aware that the character of Brody would have a limited life expectancy.

Indeed, the show runners initially suggested that Brody’s character arc should end after the first season, and there were concerns about whether it would be possible to continue to use Lewis in an effective way.

Due to overwhelmingly positive viewer responses and the dynamic chemistry between Lewis and Claire Danes (his “Homeland” co-star), Brody’s role was extended after all, and he was written as a core part of the second season.

This proved to be an excellent decision, with Lewis providing some of the most moving and psychologically interesting scenes of the show’s second year.

However, once the show progressed to a third season, the writers and producers of ‘Homeland’ decided that Brody had to go. Lewis accepted this fate graciously, pleased that he had a chance to play the character for longer than initially expected.

Further, he has repeatedly said that he was pleased with the ultimate conclusion of Brody’s tragic story. He wanted his character to go out with a bang, and it’s pretty clear that this aim was met!

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