Ten Fun Facts About Hugh Grant’s Life and Career

January 10, 2014

Fact No. 1.


Although you are probably aware that Hugh Grant portrayed the Prime Minister in Love Actually, you may not realize that his foreign policy encouraged quite a lot of debate regarding real policy at the time the film was released.

Specifically, Tony Blair was being heavily criticized for his support of America’s foreign policy, and Hugh Grant’s Prime Minister took a harsher line with the American president.

Fact No. 2.


Grant has always been athletic, with his talents ranging from cricket to golf. He still takes part in Pro-Am tournaments on a fairly regular basis (calling himself a ‘golfing addict’), and when he was younger he spent a good deal of time playing both cricket and football.

Fact No. 3.


While some critics accuse Grant of repeatedly portraying the same character, it is arguably more the case that he has been somewhat typecast and is frequently called on to play characters who are warm, charming and well-meaning yet somewhat awkward or oblivious.

Fact No. 4.


His production company, Simian Films, got its name from Elizabeth Hurley’s humorous yet somewhat cruel claim that Grant resembles a monkey or an ape in appearance. Hurley and Grant dated between the years of 1986 and 2000, and are said to remain close friends.

Fact No. 5.


In 1982, Grant graduated from Oxford University with a degree in English after winning a scholarship to attend the university in 1979. He participated in a range of drama productions during his undergraduate years at Oxford, and was credited as ‘Hughie’ (which was his nickname in childhood and adolescence).

Fact No. 6.


Grant collects fine art and was offered a scholarship to study Art History in his younger years. It has been said that his father passed this aesthetic passion and appreciation on to Grant.

Fact No. 7.


Of all the roles he has played, Grant claims that he best identifies with the character of Will in About a Boy. This is because Grant claims he lived a lot of his life as a ‘London Slacker’ who watched too much afternoon television and made a hobby out of playing snooker.

Fact No. 8.


James Caan, Grant’s co-star on Mickey Blue Eyes, used to call him by the name ‘Whippy’ on the grounds that his anxious tendency to worry about everything reminded Caan of nervous whippet dogs that need a sweater in cold weather.

Fact No. 9.


He was originally cast as the disingenuous Gilderoy Lockhart in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, but scheduling issues prevented him from being able to play the role and he was replaced by Kenneth Branagh.

Fact No. 10.


He currently has two children with his ex-partner Tinglan Hong. The first is Tabitha, a daughter born in September of 2011, and the second is Felix, a son born in February of 2013.