The Oscars 2015 – Date Set For February 22nd

April 22, 2014


The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences have announced that the 87th annual Academy Awards will be taking place on February 22nd, 2015. This date was confirmed and established on the heels of the announcement that the 86th annual Academy Awards show will be presented in March. Let’s take a deeper look into this announcement and how it will affect the potential crop of nominees.

The Academy Awards WON’T be scheduled earlier in the Hollywood calendar

There had been rumors circulating that posited the possibility of the Academy Awards moving into an earlier time slot on the Hollywood calendar.

While this does not seem like a big deal, many actors are probably grateful that the Awards are sticking to their scheduled slot.

Many films try to premier their product at certain times of the year to make them more viable for the awards season.

A change in schedule could have drastic consequences in regards to how these big art films are scheduled. With this feared change falling by the wayside, nominations will be made in mid February, which is typical for the Academy.

Potential Oscar candidates for 2015!


It is almost never too early to speculate on who the big award winners may be and 2015 is no different. There is a slew of blockbuster films on the horizon and more than a couple of great art house flicks, as well.

“Inherent Vice,” directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, starring Joaquin Phoenix as a detective in the 1970’s, could be just the right kind of film to drum up huge Oscar support.

Joaquin and Anderson had previously collaborated on the powerhouse film “The Master,” and could easily sweep the awards.

“The Grand Budapest Hotel,” having already aired in 2014, will need longevity to make a splash at the 87th annual awards. The Wes Anderson directed fantasy is chock full of wonderful performances from the “usuals,” which include Adrian Brody, Ralph Fiennes, Edward Norton and Bill Murray.