Top 10 Celebs That Were Bullied As Kids

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Bullies can make life at school miserable for even the strongest of souls, and believe it or not some famous faces can relate.

From singers and actors to fashion designers, here are just a few famous faces that were bullied at school once upon a time.

1. Emma Watson

Emma Watson is now known as one of the hottest British female actors of all time, having risen to fame quickly as a part of the oh-so-popular “Harry Potter” movies, so it is hard to believe that she would have a hard time being picked on while at school.

And, by all accounts, when she was young she had no issues with classmates or other youngsters giving her any trouble at school.

However, rumor has it that that she was bullied to the point of leaving Brown University before she was able to complete her degree.

She claims the rumors of bullying are not true, and that rather than leaving school because she was being bullied by her classmates, she decided to take a hiatus from the university when she realized that she was just in denial about her fame.

In fact, Emma was once quoted as saying that she would never “wuss out” and leave school just because of some bullying, and that she experienced no issues fitting in.

While Emma still claims she wasn’t the victim of bullying at the college, rumors persist that the way she was treated had at least some part in her premature departure.

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