Top 10 Celebs That Were Bullied As Kids


2. Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson admits that he was bullied in school for behaving like an actor around his classmates.

Before he became a heart throb around the world, he was not so liked by many of his fellow students.

The British actor says that when he took a liking to the art of acting he started to behave like he thought someone serious in the craft should. In turn, his fellow students gave him a hard time.

Rather than just assault him with words, they would also get their fists involved. Robert says that he took some pretty serious punches on more than just one occasion.

Robert also reports that while he always thought the attacks were unprovoked at the time, looking back he thinks he was acting like a bit of an “idiot.”

Despite his negative experiences with bullies growing up, Robert was clearly able to overcome any negative feelings the bullying left him with.

In fact, given that he was destined to become a hugely famous actor, the people who physically abused him were most likely envious of his potential.

He has used his experiences as a bullied kid to give him the motivation to play certain characters facing adversity.

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