Top 10 Most Surprisingly Charitable Celebrities

January 8, 2014

1. Ewan McGregor

60th San Sebastian Film Festival: Arrivals

Ewan McGregor helps to support the children in the arts movement by helping the National Youth Arts Trust. This is an important act of charity so that children and students can have access to the arts and the training necessary to make it a career.

Not every famous or legendary actor was able to afford professional training; therefore, in order to still be able to find those “diamonds in the rough” there still needs to be foundations like this.

2. John Cleese


John Cleese is an internationally recognized funny man who is known for his charitable efforts. One of the charities that he takes very seriously is the NSPCC.

This charity is design in order to provide support to help stop child abuse and cruelty to children. This charity specifically helps the England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and the Channel Islands areas.

3. Denise Van Outen

Denise Van Outen at Coq d'Argent

Denise Van Outen starts a program that will help to provide toys and games to children who do not have the means. The organization is named Argos Toy Exchange and it aims to bring joy to as many children as possible each and every year.

4. Jo Brand


English comedian, Jo Brand, helps to brighten up the holiday season for people in need by providing financial backing to a Christmas crisis initiative. This is a group that aims to bring material and financial stability to individuals and families that have fallen on hard times during the Christmas season.

5. John Bishop


John Bishop helps out tremendously by donating and volunteering with the Royal British Legion’s Poppy appeal campaign. This is a great cause that has also attracted the attention of other huge celebrities. Some of the other notable contributors include David Cameron, Jim Carter, and Helen Mirren.

6. David Harewood

'Bad Nuff' theatre call

David Harewood helps to provide the financial backing necessary to provide Cafod Christmas gifts. This takes a lot of time and effort and to even have the financial backing is a huge step to accomplishing a common goal.

7. Chris Packham


Chris Packham helps to bring enrichment and excitement to children’s lives through the involvement in supporting Dreamflight.

8. Jack Whitehall


Jack Whitehall aims to help to put an end to a serious issue with many children all around the world. He supports the Sock it to Eating Disorders appeal. This is to help raise awareness of the harm that eating disorders have on children and young adults.

Furthermore, this aims to help to diminish the presence of eating disorders in children.

9. Michael Sheen


Michael Sheen is an English actor who has been noted in shows like the Masters of Sex, and the Twilight Saga. He also helps to keep fun and action alive for children with the support of the Kids in Museums foundation. This is an educational and fun way for children to learn.

10. Judi Dench

New York Premiere Of 'Nine' At The Ziegfeld Theatre

Dame Judi Dench is a very famous actress who is most well known for her work in the James Bond series of movies, as well as her contributions as an author.

She supports the Royal Institute of Blind People.