Top 11 Most Attractive Upcoming Male Actors

January 9, 2014

1. Andrew Garfield


Andrew Garfield is one of the up and coming British celebrities that is going to really have an amazing career in acting ahead of him. Even if acting does not work out, there are tons of women all around the world who would love to just stare at pictures of him.

2. Eddie Redmayne


Starting his acting career with a bit of the dramatic, Eddie Redmayne has that soft, yet masculine look that so many women fall for.

He is definitely going to make it big as an actor; however, if he wants to take on some modeling jobs, no one would complain.

3. Jack O’Connell


Getting his start with Skins, Jack O’Connell is a young hunk of a man. He has that extremely masculine look about him with his broad shoulders and his square chin line. He is gorgeous now; can you just imagine how beautiful he will be in fifteen years?

4. Nicholas Hoult


Nicholas Hoult has an innocent and captivating look that is unparalleled by any other upcoming British actor. He seems sweet and strong which is what attracts so many fans to him.

5. Tom Sturridge


Tom Sturridge has been involved in many film projects as well as theatre events. He has a sultry look and wins over the hearts of fans with his mysterious style.

He is one of the most classically attractive upcoming men for the British acting realm. He has the perfect mix of style and masculinity that make him a perfect 10.

6. Tom Hardy


Since he got his start with Band of Brothers, Tom Hardy has really been starting to catch the eye of many fans. Whether his amazing acting or his beautiful appearance captivates people, Tom is certainly one of the most attractive upcoming British actors.

7. Jim Sturgess


Jim Sturgess has a somewhat innocent look about him. He is tall and thin, yet he still exudes a delicate allure. He is a musician and actor so he is just all around dreamy.

8. Henry Cavill


Henry Cavill has that kind of look that is going to capture your attention and then keep it for a very long time. You could get completely lost in those big beautiful eyes. He is usually styled in a laid back version of formal attire. His longer hair helps to make him irresistible.

9. Alex Pettyfer


Alex Pettyfer is known for always being really well put together. He is frequently seen is attire that has sharp lines and clean edges.

While his attire is rather sharp, he does always have that 5 o’clock shadow that melts the hearts of many with his stylishly designed haircut.

10. Jamie Dornan


Jamie Dornan is set to star in the filming of 50 Shades of Grey, and he is one hot stud if you ask anyone that has eyes. He has that rugged sophistication that drives so many women wild.

11. Jamie Campbell Bower


An unconventional appearance does not stop Jamie Campbell Bower from making it to the top hottest upcoming celebrities list. His long hair is only more enticing for fans to pay attention to him.