Top 12 Celebrity News Stories

January 11, 2014

1.Robin Thicke


International star, Robin Thicke makes headlines for his music video for Blurred Lines. There were many people who were up in arms about the content of the video being demeaning to women and this created a ton of negative buzz for the celebrity.

2. One Direction Tour


One Direction made headlines for so many reasons in 2013; however, some of the biggest news was the confirmation of the tour that is going to kick off in 2014. Fans are busting at the seams to get tickets for the upcoming tour that the group is preparing for.

3. Engagement


Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan get engaged and start to plan their wedding events together. This left fans excited and a little sad to see two beautiful and talented people come off the market, hopefully for good.

4. Paul Walker Dies


International celebrity, Paul Walker, dies in a horrific and tragic car accident as he was leaving an event that he was hosting for his charity organization. The world was devastated over this news, and it is still a trending topic due to the particularly awful nature of his death.

5. X Factor


Sam Bailey takes home the win for the X Factor. This was an amazing event to see a mother of two win the competition and be able to realize her dreams so publicly.

6. Nigella Lawson Guilty for Drug Abuse


Charles Saatchi tells sources that Nigella Lawson is guilty for using drugs in gratuitous amounts during the duration of their marriage.

7. Zayn Malik Engaged


Alongside the release of touring information for the members of the band, One Direction, there were tons of hearts that were broken when one of the members, Zayn Malik, became engaged, and rumors of serious relationships for other members started swirling about.

8. Angelina Jolie Mastectomy


Angelina Jolie was confirmed to have a double mastectomy as a preventative measure to being told that she had a high chance of being likely to develop breast cancer.

9. Justin Bieber Acting Spoiled


International star, Justin Bieber was said to be acting a little spoiled back stage prior to one of his performances because of the fact that his parents had arrived a little late. Not exactly one of the headlines that you would want to make.

10. Katie Price


Katie Price goes on vacation with her stripper fiancé. This made headlines on almost all of the gossip magazines in 2013. With all of the media exposure that Katie Price has gotten in regards to her relationships, it is nice to see her finally relaxing a bit.

11. Tom Daley YoutTube Announcement


Tom Daley goes to YouTube to announce that he is bisexual to the world. There are many people all around the world that struggle with sexuality and sexual identity and it is nice to see a celebrity come out and stand for something that is so challenging for many people to handle.

12. Ian Watkins gets sentenced


Lostprophets lead singer, Ian Watkins, gets sentenced to 35 years in prison in December. Mr. Watkins plead guilty to many horrific crimes and will be serving the time that he had been sentenced for the awful actions that he admitted to.