Top 15 Female Celebrities With The Best Hair

January 8, 2014

1. Emma Watson


Emma Watson is known for having some of the most beautiful and delicate light brown locks in show business. She has been known for stunning up-dos as well as long flowing curls.

2. Giselle


Giselle, one of Victoria’s Secret’s models, is well recognized all over the world for having beautiful hair.

Among all of her other beautiful features, Giselle has some of the most stunning hair that is always consistently styled with top-notch presentation.

3. Beyoncé


Beyoncé has changed her hair countless times throughout her career. However, no matter how she has her hair styled, she always looks so well put together. From long to short, Beyoncé never disappoints.

4. Poppy Delevingne


Poppy Delevingne always seems to have understated and soft styling in her hair, makeup and clothes. Even though her style is very subtle and soft, her natural beauty tends to shine through and capture the attention of her many fans.

5. Olivia Palermo


Olivia Palermo was featured in photographs with her beautiful long brown hair slicked back in a tight bun and it created an elegant and simple finishing touch to the style.

6. Erin O’Connor


Erin O’Connor has beautiful short dark brown hair that perfectly frames her face. She is the perfect example of a lovely woman with simple and easy to style hair.

7. Alessandra Ambrosio


Alessandra Ambrosio, the Victoria’s Secret model, has long and loose curls that cascade down her back creating a sleek and sexy look.

8. Keira Knightley


Keira Knightley, the Pirates of the Caribbean star, is known for her soft and subtle hairstyles with her beautifully shiny and healthy looking hair.

9. Anne Hathaway


Anne Hathaway shocked fans with a bright blonde hairstyle that was shorter and curlier than her typical hairstyle.

10. Amber Heard


Amber Heard has been photographed with many various hairstyles; however, a fan favorite is one that resembles the 40’s style of hair design.

With the pomp in the front and a loose bun in the back, she looks relaxed and primped.

11. Nicole Richie


Nicole Richie is known around the world for being a bad girl turned super sweet. She frequently takes chances with her style and fans always look forward to her hairstyle decisions.

12. Rihanna


Rihanna is an international star that just loves to change up her appearance with various fun and exciting hairstyles. Whether she is rocking a short and bold look, or a long and luxurious curl, she is absolutely breathtaking.

13. Nicole Kidman


Nicole Kidman has had strawberry blonde hair, as well as bright blonde hair. No matter what color her hair is, she always seems to impress with the style and design of her beautiful hair.

14. Kate Moss


One of the world’s top tier celebrity models, Kate Moss, is known for always being styled in the best way possible. Along with her gorgeous body, Kate also has highly desirable hair.

From bright blonde, to a darker blonde with ombre ends, she always impresses with her hairstyles.

15. Sienna Miller


Sienna Miller is one of the most well-known celebrities for having amazing hair. With her soft waves, and brilliant blonde hair, who would not love it?