Twelve Fun Facts About Russell Brand

January 10, 2014



1. Russell Brand is a Gemini that was born on June 4, 1975.

His sign dictates that he is probably very talkative, curious, and fickle.

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2. He was once briefly married to Katy Perry. This was a very public break up that resulted in the creation of a ton of songs about independence and strength in one’s self from Katy Perry.


3. Everyone knows that Russell Brand is a comedian and an actor. However, did you know that he is also an author? He was signed to a deal with HarperCollins for two books for almost two million Euros!


4. Russell Brand is actually quite heavily involved in politics. He has been a part of many celebrity activism events that help to raise awareness about global issues that he personally has a problem with. In 2009 he even spoke at a political summit in London.


5. Russell Brand has long suffered with his struggle and addiction to heroine and alcohol. Furthermore, he has even been arrested more than a dozen times, and even got kicked off of a number of televised events for outlandish behavior.bigstock-LOS-ANGELES--MAR---Russell-20636087

6. Despite his struggles with drugs and alcohol, Russell Brand is reported to have been completely sober since over a decade ago. It is a constant battle, but he seems to be winning it.


7. In an effort to keep himself grounded and focused on his career, he engages in transcendental meditation. This assists with getting his mind to quiet down long enough for him to hear his own thoughts and beat his struggle with his demons.


8. In 2008, Russell Brand played the part of Mickey in Bedtime stories. Despite his often-raunchy standup and movie roles, he is actually quite good at playing clean roles as well.


9. Russell Brand has won three major awards for having the best standup/ best newcomer presentation.

He even got an Outstanding Contribution to Comedy award from the British Comedy Awards in 2011.


10. Russell Brand is categorized as presenting observational comedy for his fans to enjoy. Even though he has been a part of scripted roles as well, he is also an expert at improvisation and impromptu comedy.


11. Russell Brand is most well-known for his role in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, where he played a rock star that won over the heart of an American star. This sounds familiar to his actual like, no wonder he did such a great job playing the role.


12. Russell Brand was an only child to his father who was a photographer, and his mother that raised him.

He was born in Essex, England and has since become an international star of comedy performances in movies, television shows, and stand up. His career is looking like it is making a huge jump up in the world!